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> Rosslare, HID, Keyscan, Infinias, Intelli-M, Northern Computers, Honeywell Access are the best manufacturers of the access control equipment in USA and Canada. Also find individual parts and easy to understand kits that control 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 or unlimited number of doors.

> Why Almex? We are selling card access products for last 25 years! Experience, knowledge, selection, best brand names combined with good pricing guarantee that you will get the most suitable card access products available and save money in process.

> How is equipment we sell different than others? We are very selective with equipment we sell. After 25 years in business we know one thing for sure: QUALITY SELLS! Low cost or flashy name is only one smaller component of overall picture. We would NEVER sell anything to anybody that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

> Today everything is about IP, LAN, Ethernet and Internet. We have available IP door controllers that are very easy to implement, very cost effective and simple to install. Use existing LAN wiring, start with 1 door, grow bigger at any time, make your life easier and safer!

Why door access control?

Know who is going through your doors! Access system for business location makes sense more than ever! Small but powerful, door access controller can do it all: few or thousand employees, 24 hour door control, logs, reporting, more security, badging … more
> Cards, keyfob tags, printable RFID cards … We carry credentials from all major card access manufacturers. Rosslare, HID, Keyscan, Paradox, Kantech, Keri, Indala, Northern Computers, Honeywell, AWID, CDVI – Digiprox …

> Looking for card access system accessories: mag locks, power supplies, long range transmitters, brackets, EXIT switches …? We have everything needed

> Why card access system in the first place? What is actually so great about it? Find answers  

> Use navigation buttons on the left to get to the groups of products needed. If unsure, it never hurts to ask! Order and pay securely by any common credit card or PayPal! We don’t see, let alone store, credit card numbers.
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