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Intelli-M system software package

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Intelli-M software for S-eIDC32. Up to 32 units. For bigger systems extra license has to be purchased

The infinias ESSENTIALS Base Software Kit includes pre-installed templates including wiring diagrams that help ensure accurate and efficient installation and offers broad integration with a wide variety of industry-leading video surveillance manufacturers. The Base Software Kit makes it easy and convenient to secure your business, and saves you money thanks to an unlimited door license and support for unlimited number of doors and events, as well as up to 64,000 card holders. 

  • Browser Based Interface – Data is accessible from any standard browser that supports JavaScript without having to log into the software.
  • No Client Software – Eliminates the need to purchase, configure, maintain or update client software—saving you time and money. 
  • People & Groups – Manage people, groups, roles, privileges and credentials from a single screen.
  • Search  Simplifies searching for people.
  • Get Events  See exactly where someone has been.
  • Custom Fields  Enter important user information.
  • Live Muster  Displays the image of cardholders.
  • Door Status  Improve monitoring.
  • Auto Discovery  Simplify configuration.
  • Zones  Simplify privileges and management of zones.
  • Microsoft Report Builder 3.0  Design badges and create reports.
  • Weekly Schedules  Convenient access scheduling.
  • Holidays  Create exceptions to a schedule.