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eIDC32 PoE based kit

  • $665.00
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    1 kg
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Kit to control single door. Consists of:

  • S-eIDC door controller x 1
  • S-SMB-5075 surface mount box x 1
  • Prox reader or iClass reader x 1
  • RFID access card x 10
  • Reader cable x 10ft (3m)

The infinias eIDC32 is a compact, 2 inch PoE-enabled door controller that makes installation at the door simple and scalable. This tiny device supports single door to multi-site IP-based access control systems and manages up to 64,000 credentials. Our door controllers are fully-integrated and make adding a door to your network easy and affordable.

The eIDC32 delivers the power you need in the smallest form in the industry. This high-performance eIDC32 door controller can handle more cards, more schedules and more functions than any single door controller on the market – making it an ideal solution for virtually any access control installation.